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Welcome to TeaPak

TeaPak in short

TeaPak was founded in Imola in 1991 and has always been involved in the packaging of herbal teas and infusions. Since 1999, TeaPak has formed a solid and profitable partnership with the Yogi Tea group, blending and packaging the group’s organic herbal teas for the entire European market. TeaPak applies the highest quality standards to all business processes and uses the best and most advanced technologies in automatic mixing and packaging in the food sector. The company continues to follow a rewarding and challenging growth path, always guided by the belief that our most precious asset is our People.

We TeaPakies!

At TeaPak we feel like a big family, diverse but at the same time united, always smiling and even a little crazy! Since we want to be well recognized, we have also chosen a name – the TeaPakies. We do not need pink quotas, because we already have a lot of women in the company (girl power!). 33% of us are under 35, but all the others feel young on the inside. We come from 11 different nationalities, but we all speak the language of respect and mutual support. We work with passion and are proud of who we are!


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We created the hashtag #AllTeaPakiesAsOne to celebrate the enrichment that different nationalities and beliefs bring within our community

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