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TeaPak strongly believes in the contribution of every single employee in achieving its business objectives and the creation of a harmonious, safe and motivating work environment. For these reasons, it applies a bottom-up management approach, directly involving employees using different operational tools. Working groups have been established by non-managerial personnel who bring ideas, projects and new points of view to disseminate corporate values and, in turn, involve other colleagues in various corporate initiatives.

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Employee Collaboration Team

Active participation by workers is one of the pillars that guides TeaPak’s management policy. In order to ensure genuine and effective participation, TeaPak has set up a working group called the Employee Collaboration Team. Members come from different company areas, both offices and production areas, and all hold operational roles. Team members meet periodically, tackling a different topic at each meeting and bringing ideas, suggestions and projects to be developed using their different points of view. They are colleagues who give voice to other colleagues, who bring ideas, vision and insight to the Management’s attention. The group allows to create an inclusive environment where employees from diverse backgrounds are valued, respected, challenged and recognized; they all have the opportunity to join the group, regardless of race, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, education, faith and beliefs, others. This unfailingly proves to be an excellent foundation for improving the entire organization, and for the dissemination of a serene and motivating environment, supporting our Diversity & Inclusion strategy. In order to involve as many people as possible, ECT members vary every year.

Sustainability Team

Sustainability and CSR play a central role in TeaPak’s management and development policies. The members of the Sustainability Team are responsible for developing and implementing all corporate actions aimed at carrying out the triple-bottom line approach (People, Prosperity, Planet), while spreading the culture of sustainability within and outside of the company.

Doing Good Ambassadors

Charitable and solidarity activities have always characterized TeaPak, a company known for actively running various volunteer projects, fundraising, donations and charity events. The Doing Good Ambassadors group helps to spread the values of solidarity and mutual support among colleagues. It is also responsible for providing information relating to all charity events and encouraging members to join, as well as contribute suggestions of organizations that could be involved in future Doing Good projects.