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Best Practices

Individuals, just like the company, are active within their community. They contribute through their work to social and environmental dynamics at a local level and, albeit indirectly, at a global level as well given the now very deep interconnectedness between the two. On the basis of these premises and this awareness, TeaPak has embraced the challenge of the UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, and has launched its own path of social and environmental sustainability, formally committing itself to working with stakeholders in developing actions, policies and good practices. These aim to help build a more equitable and transparent society, which guarantees all the same opportunities and the same fundamental and inviolable rights, while at the same time paying great attention to the protection of our beautiful Planet, its fundamental Resources and all its inhabitants. In order to transform its ethical, social and environmental principles into operational practices, TeaPak has produced an internal document that describes best practices applied in the company. It covers green and environmental issues, but also takes the social sphere into account, becoming operational guidelines for all stakeholders.