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Our projects

During 2022 there were many occasions in which TeaPak, together with its employees, acted in synergy with local Companies, through economic donations or various materials. Facing the emergency in Ukraine, we immediately took steps to collect various materials to be sent to the reception camps set up on the Ukrainian border; as we did in previous years, we collected and then donated to a solidarity emporium in Imola the fruits picked from the trees that we adopted as TeaPak at a farm at Km 0; we have also donated various materials to schools, as well as we donated the proceeds from the purchase of seedlings given to employees on their birthday to an association in Imola, with which we have been collaborating for several years now, which deals with adults and children in condition of social disadvantage or with disabilities.

And also this year TeaPak’s contribution to the Susan G. Komen association and to the famous Race for the Cure charity walk, could not be missing.