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Solidarity events and projects

Charity together

The solidarity projects implemented by TeaPak in 2022 are projects of great impact on the Community, which make us very proud and show how companies can contribute in a very concrete and incisive way, to improving the quality of life of all citizens, with particular regard to weak ones.

In May we inaugurated, in the presence of public and religious institutions, the Therapeutic Garden at the San Giuseppe greenhouse, which is managed by the Santa Caterina association.

The garden is a wonderful space, where people with a disadvantage can experience “caring” and engage in manual activities that develop their skills, and at the same time, give emotional and psychological relief within a stress-free environment, in contact with nature, flowers and aromatic herbs.

This project is a great example of integration and collaboration and we can’t wait to see schools inside the garden!

Facing the Ukrainian emergency, as TeaPak, with the support or the EWTC Foundation of the Yogi Tea Group, we set up a great and important project in collaboration with the Trama di Terre association, through which a lot of Ukrainian women hosted in Imola with their children were supported on all aspects (food, lodging, clothing, psychological support, job search, Italian language courses, school placement, etc…).

Another project that TeaPak supported with great joy in 2022, was the renovation of the “Camera delle Mamme” at the Civil Hospital of Imola: this space hosts mothers with their children, suffering from pathologies afther birth; the restructuring will make this environment even more welcoming and loving.

Last but not least, we want to tell you about this project which has found great success in the various associations; in fact we have received many thanks and appreciation for this innovative activity: TeaPak has in fact given to all its employees a paid working day to devote entirely to voluntary activities. Our guys thus went to many different local associations carrying out activities that were very different from each other, creating new collaborations and in this way growing a culture of solidarity that we would like to spread more and more at all levels of the community.

Our forest!

To celebrate the Grand Opening of our New Home, we planted 200 trees in Kenya. Those trees absorb 72 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Furthermore, our trees will be cultivated and managed by local farmers, who can benefit of the fruits of our trees. Our forest “IMOLA G.O.!” NEW YOGI TEA-PAK HOME” will allow us to take care of our Planet and it’s a proof of our commitments to make the World a better place.


Have a look to our webpage on Treedom https://www.treedom.net/it/organization/teapak/event/teapak-forest